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  "Can refer either to the collected myths of a group of people—their body of stories which they tell to explain nature, history and customs." We are all familiar with Greek Mythology Zeus, Hates, Hera, and Mt Olympus etc, etc...What of aboriginal mythology, Is there such a thing? I recently started this discussion with a niece of mine whom is very interested in Mythology! Joey Charles here's to you, enjoy!!

By Wish-key: Rob Dennis Jr

Kiix?in or Kee-shan beach West Coast Vancouver Island
                                                           The First People of Kiix?in

?ap-win-as-ath Welcome figures
   In my tribe The Huu-ay-aht "The Come Back Tribe"our mythology tells us that our origins are in the a spiritual place amongst the stars. The first lady Ho-min-niki of the moon, she is Life giver for it was her swooping down from the moon to make a home in the first village of the Huu-ay-aht people, a place called Kiix-in is chosen. The first man Nach-qo-a of the stars perched high in the sky of night would give up his perch on the stars, for he was in love with Hu-min-iki. He too went to Kiix-in to make a home for he is life taker and brings balance. In order to feed, nourish, house, and make tools, and clothing he had to take life from the land, in order to give life to his family.


         They stand there as they were larger than life,  Presently at the Royal British Colombia Museum, welcoming as they did centuries ago the first people of the Huu-ay-aht Hu-min-niki and Nach-qu-a. Modern day located at the Provincial Capitol Victoria BC, and historically in front of the house Ap-win-as-ath "Center of the Village House" much like the sun is the center of the universe. In the universe of the Huu-ay-ath Kiixin and Tlii-shin of Kiix?in are central in all of our customs. I think that our origins are unique in my region, but not globally we are of the lucky few that's connects all life universally.

Tsa-sook-ta- "Sasquatch"

Sasquatch "The Big Foot"
          The mystery of Sasquatch also goes back to the time of our origins. It was the Sasquatch that once saved Nach-qo-a, even though it was Nach-qo-a that was tracking him, for saving his life Nachqo-a declared that in our part of the world the Sasquatch identity is protected.  Utopia from the world view of the Huu-ay-ath would be to live life like a Sasquatch and leave a minimal Foot Print.

          Their are many peoples from all walks of life that believe in this cross cultural Mythological being. How much longer can this go on? I believe in the ideal way of life. I believe in the ideals that the Sasquatch represents. In the Huu-ay-aht culture of stories, songs, names, and especially art work Sasquatch is very much evident and thriving representation of natural living.  An idea beyond our human limitations but very much a hope for our people is living on mother earth in a holistic manor that seems as though we are physically not here. Can this be done?

Guiding Spirit

The way of the Wolf!
           The guiding spirit of life in my part of the world is the Qwa-ya-seek "the Wolf". The first people from the cosmos were guided here by the wolf. Tracked trough the night sky as they run through the heavens,  imagine a sandy beach in which wolves have run across, it looks just like the milky way.

          In Huu-ay-aht we believe that the stars are light, they are life.  Where there is life their is the companion to life, and that is spirit. We believe in the wolf for its nurturing nature its pack life similar to the ancient family packs of ancient Huu-ay-aht. Territory largely food driven, for to maintain and support a large family their must be an abundance of food.Where there are sun stars there is life, the wolves remind us constantly to watch the sky of night. Be one with the universe around us that is the way of the Wolf!

Cosmic medicine wheel

The Four Great Spirits!
          The four great spirits: The chief of the Lands ruled over natural elements connected to our lands. The Sky Chief ruled over air, birds, winds, and fixtures that are physically in the relm of above. The Horizon Chief is also above but more spiritual , and the Ocean Water Chief! Just like our natural environment, our great spirits are also in quarters. Directions, Seasons and Grandparents, and Great Spirits are the power of four. Depicted here in a cosmic medicine wheel.

The Huu-ay-aht way is dependent on being one with the universe. We are night sky watchers, with entire houses devout to tracking the stars and heavenly bodies. Looking to stars reminds us that we are both very big and very small, looking to the stars reminds us of our cosmic origins and our guiding spirit.  To be connected with our environment and the cycle of life we must remember that everything is indeed connected and one. Do we really come from the stars? Not very likely, but one thing I like most of Huu-ay-aht mythology is the concept that we are one with the universe.  We need only to look at a modern day Periodic table to find that everything in the universe that is from our universe is basically different compilations of the same elements.  So the myth here is looked at from a different perspective is not that far of from what our Mythology tells us. Everything is one and connected.

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