Thursday, November 13, 2014

Storm watcher Speaks. A fictional tale looking through the lens of: The Nučaan̓uł perspective.

N̓aasiismisʔuksup: Stella Peters

Story by: wišqii Rob Dennis Jr, Dedicated to N̓aasiismisʔuksup Stella Peters, A ḥakuum woman of royalty also a friend, a sister, a mentor, an inspiration and a woman warrior fiercely intent on defending our right to not only survive, but to thrive in a world full of beauty, bounty, life and Love for generations to come. She is “Carries day on the beach woman” she sees and cares for all that the sunlight touches. Knowing full well our rights are also responsibilities if we take from our world, we must also give back to our world!

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Wiiqḥsi, weʔin, našuk wiiqḥsi hinaayiłʔi. neeʔii čiƛ weʔin neeʔii čiƛ t̓ic̓qaaʕaƛma weʔin. nac̓aačiƛ weʕin, nac̓aačiƛ ƛiiƛiiḥa. wik̓iit tuḥuk weʔin, wik̓iit tuḥuk wiiqḥsiʔi. hamuupšiƛ, weʔin hamuupšiƛ nananiqsu. ʕumac̓uk weʔin nananiqsu, hupiist̓ałʔaała, ʔiisaakst̓ałʔaała, ḥaḥuupst̓alʔaala, ʔuuʔaalukst̓ałʔaała.     
Translation: A storm, It is said, a strong storm in the horizon. hear it, it is said, hear the thunder. See it, it is said see the lightning. Fear not it is said, fear not, the storm. Remember it is said, remember the grandparents. It is said the grandparents say always help each other, always respect each other, always teach each other, always take care of each other.

          The storm is the thunderous rumble of the ancestors and the lightning is the talking stick striking the ground, proclaiming, hear me now. During a big storm in ancient times it would bring together the whole house hold. Everyone sat in their place and listened to the storm. Listened for the lightning strikes.They come from the horizon they are the echo of the ancestral teachings. The horizon the place of no time. Past, present and future are one and the same.

Imagine if you will a fire lit long house, filled with people and a little smoke to. all you can hear is silence and the crackling fire, gusts of stormy winds enter once in awhile you feel the air in the room moving all around. Best of all is the growing sent of salmon cooking on the fire. Finally the speaker has spoken by order of the chief were all to listen to the storm, and over dinner we will hear from a storm watcher, storm watchers  are visionaries they are those that are closest to the earth and all the wonders of nature. They study everything, from ancient remains to present ecological systems  and the life cycles with understanding that everything is indeed one and connected. Hišukʔiš c̓awaak!

          In the long house the people feast quietly, for their being nourished completely. The food nourishes the body, the storm watchers lesson nourishes the mind, the feast song nourishes the spirit and the family sitting in unity nourishes the emotional well being. This is the balance to the raging storm of mother nature. For our greatest strength is when the family stands in unity like the wolf our pack is stronger together. 


 Storm watcher speaks, the message was loud and clear for she had a vision, she heard the message in the storm rolling in. As thought the ancestors came from tomorrow, for the Horizon is the place of all time Past, Present and Future. She said beware the black cloud, not a cloud in the sky, but a cloud that is everywhere. She then explains it is not natural storm. Said to be something different, this black cloud will not go away, it will stick to the water, beach and anyone or anything that comes into contact with it. 

          The wise ones speculate, what could this black cloud be? possibly an oil spill of some kind, or a never ending storm, the discussion continues back and forth, storm watcher says it may be the cloud of guilt. We must do right by our ancestral teachings. she reminds us of everything, everything our ancestors said that we should value. The lands we live on, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the nourishing sunlight, the lunar cycle, all the living creatures, our families, our neighbors,  Unity, and most importantly the future generations.

          c̓awaak̓i našuk: “The power of one” is in one’s own actions, self control. I nor anyone else can tell you what to do, Only you can decide your own actions.  If and when you get a chance to use your voice, use YOUR voice think of the big picture, think of tomorrow think of the world and love all that we are connected to…

ḥišukʔiš c̓awaak Everything is one and connected.


Wolf pack: Stronger Together! 



ḥuḥ, nisma, č̓aʔak 





Natural storm aftermath! what will an UnNatural storm aftermath look like?

ƛiniiḥak and ƛaqaʔas

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