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How Far Has Canada Progressed Socially: Race Equality in Canada.

     Canadians all across this great land of ours take pride in the fact that Canada is indeed a multi-cultural country with superb race relations. It ranks the highest in meeting the basic needs of its citizens. that is according to The Social Progress Index, which rates a Country's delivery on Social Progress.  I will go through some key topics, that address some of the most basic needs of a human beings, I do however wonder why Aboriginal Canadians live in third world conditions, in a first world country? In addition I would ask the question, as a society how can we improve Race Relations in Canada? More specifically between Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and Canadians, I say a great place to start is through education and understanding.

Canada got a over all rating of 94.89% which placed 7th World Wide in: 
The Social Progress Imperative.
*Note Links are for additional reference, relating to the topic, by established news outlets.

Water and Sanitization: Canada got a 99.23.
     This is what I believe the most basic and fundamental need of any individual no mater race or ethnic background. To further that no mater if you are a Aboriginal, or an Immigrant to Canada, any immigrant whether you have been here for four days or over four hundreds years, it remains a basic need to people to have clean water. One problem, a chronic one, I might add is the cleanliness of water on Canada's Reserve system. Is it up to par, and where these studies inclusive of Canada's Reserve system? I think not. Now onto Sanitization I believe that it is connected to water for a reason, and how are Aboriginal Canadians expected to sanitize when the water to begin with is tarnished? It makes sanitization difficult when Boil Water Advisory's are a constant. I am From Beautiful British Columbia, the place in Canada that has the greatest access to clean water of all the provinces. Does this reflect when I visit a reserve in BC? It does not reflect that at all, Water is often dirty and there are cases where the poor quality water has affected one's physical health and well being. You cannot be expected to clean anything including yourself, your belonging's, your home when your water is not sanitary. We can address this by pushing for governments, the Federal Government, because they set the standards and regulations that provide these basic necessities on a Canadian Reserve.

Nutrition and Medical Care: Canada got a 99.05%
     I believe one difficulty in both nutrition and medical care in Canada's Reserve system, it its design to separate the Aboriginals from the rest of society. This was accomplished by putting the Aboriginals onto a Reserve, a remote Reserve I might add. This makes access to nutrition and medical care quite difficult. Initially placed on the Reserve for our own benefit, to have access to the medicinal plants, foods and resources that we depended upon. This did not account for the national shift and dependance on westernized foods and medicine. Slowly but surly the aboriginal rights have diminished whether by legislation or by colonized choice. You separate an Aboriginal from his/her natural teachings and connection to land all that we have left is taught to us by society in general. Lastly on this topic I believe that health care is also viewed differently if your Aboriginal or Non-aboriginal, Aboriginals have some coverage on health care which usually results in a prescription of an older and lesser used form of medication. The levels of care are not on par with what is readily available to Canadians, And I for one hope to see this change.

Personal Safety: Canada got a 91.66% 
     When I think of personal safety I think of safety equality, and does Canada Have that? I say Not by a long shot, When you have a specific race and or gender of peoples where it is acceptable to target, that is not safe in any means. I am referring to the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Of Canada, sadly one can simply search any number of web searches to see some very sad results i.e.; Robert Pickton serial Killer; MMIW will also turn up some horrific results as well. I cannot fathom the basis for this other that the fact that Aboriginals are not considered human, somehow aboriginals have a lesser value and it is acceptable to treat Aboriginal Canadians in any form. Even in the highest of Political offices in our country, our very own PM said an Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, "Is not high on their Radar" ~ Steven Harper.  Fortunately for our country this guy was voted out, but does that reflect a Canadian Political view on the matter? Time will only tell.  This is my sole argument on the personal safety, Until there is an Inquiry, I will fear that there is no safety for Aboriginal Women anywhere in Canada.

Shelter: Canada got an 89.61% 
      Shelter at one point was Canada's Highest stat, and no other country could compare to the housing In Canada. That time however was a long, long time ago, now if you look at the state of housing and in particular the housing conditions on a Canadian Indian Reserve the results are disturbing. IN a modern town or City, you have homes built to code, with sidewalks, Insurance, access to clean water and other services. On a reserve you have none of that not even a side walk, a street light or road signs. Imagine walking around, as many aboriginals do, would you feel comfortable walking around a place where the only road accessory on side is a year speed bump. Would you feel comfortable in a house that is not built to code, not by choice, rather by misfortune. For contractors that do this building on reserve housing are very much aware of the lack of code. So the primary interest on the part of the contractor is to get the most bang for the least buck. No code means no housing inspector to watch over his every move. Usually results in homes of a much lesser quality, homes a Canadian would think its absurd to try and sell in a real home owners market. It would have to be torn down and re-build, but on a reserve what you get is what you get.  

Bloggers Final Words On The Matter: 
          In closing I want to be grateful for the Social Progress Imperative, Even though it seems as though I am attempting to discredit their Study, I am not. I simply wishing to look at Aboriginal Canadians in the exact same light as Canadians. I also ask as that you excuse my inconsistency in terminology when referring to Aboriginal Canadians, I say Aboriginal, also Indigenous, and even Indian. Not because I Identify as an Indian It is still very much a part of Canada's belief system. Aboriginal day is just that Aboriginal day but in the Registry of Status Indians, the same group of peoples, I might add i am considered an Indian. In writing this I say that all I really want is for Aboriginal Canadians be held in the same regard as Canadians. We are all people in a Settled colony which basically means that you are equally stuck with me as I am with you. So let us improve relations for the benefit of all Canadians, and all peoples that call Canada their home or visit our great country. All My Relations Wish~Key

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Ancient Spirit ~ Modern Mind: To Vote or Not To Vote!

To Vote or Not To Vote?
     Let's look from at the posed question from the lens of an Aboriginal Canadian, Ancient Spirit Modern Mind is the "new adage" of the people of Huu-ay-aht  where I come from. I believe that its quite accurate. One difficulty I have always had residing in a country that is basically a Settled Colony, is figuring out when I am Aboriginal and when I am Canadian. I find that many customs, Including voting, are as foreign as the settlers that brought them.  I believe in what was taught to me by my very own knowledge keepers, the elderly advisors that that are simply called our grandparents. It was they whom taught our principles in life, our values that served us through ought the entirety of our lives. Values such as Respect for living things, Everything is one and connected, Taking care of the people and the Environment in which we reside in. It is our job to Care take for the future people of the world for the next Seven Generations.  

Settled Colony:
     A settled colony basically defined as the settled and the settlers are equally bound to one another. In short we are as stuck with them, as they are with us! In Aboriginal culture we the people are but a part of the world that we reside in.  We understand that all life is connected and we are watched over by our nations royalty, I believe in Aboriginal ideals. We are cared for by our families.  We tackle and solve our social issues communally. As a Canadian the lines are much more linear as opposed to being one and connected. As a Canadian my individual rights empower me, yet contrast with ancestral beliefs. As a Canadian my people were the last minority to get a right to vote on Canadian politics, that fact alone states how much Canada respects its Aboriginal Peoples. Imagine that new foreigners to our great land were able to vote before aboriginal Canadians! That is going to always be one hurdle for Aboriginal Canadians to overcome if and when they vote! 

The First Vote:
        In the late nineteen eighties as I approached upon voting age, I recall meeting an Democrat, whom at the time I thought he was a celebrity, and his name is Bob Skelly. Although he was nearing the end of a long and storied career as a BC MLA he served public office from 1972-1987, Longest running MLA in Alberni-Comox riding. I remembered this because he asked my age, he then stated that I was as old as he was in office. He asked me at the time what my political interests were. That moment opened the idea of voting, He was a teacher first, and knew full well how to engage in a conversation with a teenager. He said that voting was a right of individuals and each of us have rights to vote, and have somewhat of a say in the direction of our country. The one thing he did say that resonated; In the voting both, you are completely alone in what you decide. Others may try to influence your vote but when it comes down to it. The choice is yours and yours alone. That to me seems like an traditional value! 

The Power Of One:   
      In Aboriginal culture of beliefs the: "Power of One" is self control, and reminds us to make decisions cautiously and decisions are made from within. In life it is from with in our realm of teachings. values, and best interests that we have for our selves. In Voting this could be viewed in much the same manner,  discard the belief, that our leaders have to either be Conservative or Liberal. I am now more than ever, am pro choice,  when I think about that meeting I had with Mr. Skelly many, many years later. I recall the principle of voting and how that seems to align with traditional principles and values. So I do encourage voting amongst my peoples, simply because I understand that we are indeed in a settled colony, I cannot change that fact. As I understand things as they are.  We will always be in a settled colony, so I participate now with the purpose of electing the best person for the Job. I surly hope to Elect more Aboriginal Canadians! 

Present Challenges: 
     The most disturbing fact is the disconnect, to land, and natural resources that make our country grand. Canada used to be a leader among nations in environmental decisions. We have fallen far from grace, and can no longer ride those coat tails of a time long ago! We have heard from Aboriginal candidates, Doctorates, Elected Leadership, Everyday Citizens, and even Mrs. Universe 2015 stating if we should or should not vote (Video included in footer). There are many arguments for both yay and nay; Treaties are with the Crown (The British) and not Canada;  Some argue that it is against our traditional beliefs as many communities have traditional leadership as well as elected; Another argument is Demographic, Aboriginals are the fastest growing demographic in Canada. Their are many reasons "To Vote or Not To Vote".  What ever you decide, I say this, we are indeed in a Settled Colony our country is in a state of growth and change. Lets be the change, lets understand the differences that we each face! We are of Ancient Spirit and a Modern Mind.

Voting Forescast: 
     How do we best address our historic past, with modern nuances? How important is voting? Just like all decisions in life, we each make our own choice! I may have changed parties over the years and that uncertainty is what drives me the most. We aboriginals are all part of this country wether we like to admit it or not. We cannot change our past, our relationship with Canada has always been difficult to understand. Our country has reluctantly given us rights in our recent history. That history shows rights of equality, rights of gender, and rights of aboriginals was mentioned lastly. People imigrating to our country had voting rights before the Aboriginal Canadians. That is a sad fact, what do I think will change this great country of ours? When the whole country accepts that we are indeed a settled Colony, we are bound to one another. Let us get involved by getting more aboriginals, more gender equality, more minorities into office. 

In conclusion: To Vote or Not To Vote?, is as it always should be. An individual choice. I plea to you now consider taking time out of your day to Vote! Get involved "Be the Change" We are growing at an exponential rate, both as aboriginal communities and as Canadians. Change does not happen over night, it takes time and commitment. Lets get together all nationalities, and work together to better the world for future generations!! 

Mrs. Universe 2015: Speaks out on Elections 2015..

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Water, The cycle of Life!

Transpiration Water is everywhere! 
Water, The cycle of Life: Hello there! I am Wish~Key, and I come from The House by the River, The Wolf Clan, and The People of the Mountains Facing the Ocean, I am Aboriginal Canadian!! It is safe to say that water means a great deal to me. I depend on water for life, for drinking, for cooking, for cleaning, for washing, and for all it's wondrous uses. Not only that, but water also is a reflection of spiritual health and growth. In time of growth it is I being consumed by the water and not me consuming it. Which is a fancy way of saying "bathe spiritually" and I also abstain from drinking water at this time for I immerse  myself into the spirit of growth, and my only wish is nourishing my spirit. The river house people see that water is connected to spiritual growth, just as it is connected to growth in the natural world! What a fine example of the cycle of life in action, to see this first hand one needs only to look at a river and its surroundings.

Ancient dwellings along a river bank! 
House by the River: In my own language "Tsa-a-kwat" and it translates to "The House by the River", and it is my families house name.  Our greatest gift is and always has been fresh water! I am taught to believe that it is not only my right and privilege to have clean, clear drinking water. It is also a responsibility, in respecting water, by knowing the the importance of fresh drinking water. I know and respect the importance of drinking water sources. Following my teachings and take time to abstain from drinking water. Now I wish to share a modern way in respecting water. I do not live right by the river anymore but I address this by drinking the water most readily available to me that is tap water . I am not a consumer sold buy bottled water. The fresh sources of water we do have need to be kept clean in order to keep producing clean, clear drinking water. Nature demands purity.

Keep fresh water, Fresh! 
The Wolves Clan and Rivers: Nature is nurtured by water. Coming from the house by the river, and the wolf clan. I know that life flourishes around rivers. Trees, plants, weeds, berry bushes, grow and create a home for crawlers, six legged, eight legged, rodents,  even giant ungulates to feast on the riches surrounding the river. Right atop the food chain are the predators Wolves, Cougars and Bears and we know that those are key species in our environment. Where wolves thrive, nature thrives as well, and it is no coincidence that water is the one thing that attracts all life. Humans too are top of this food chain, lets take it upon ourselves to only produce waste that nature can recycle. Keep our waters clean. For it is the water cycle that surrounds us all no mater where we live we are surrounded by water. Based on my ancient teachings it is the wolves that transform into orca and that shows the connection that our west coast rivers, peoples, and wolves all have to the ocean.

Water Bomber Sits Idle in a smoke filled sky! 
People of the Mountains: In my own language we are "Nuu-chah-nulth-aht" We live right on the edge, we truly are people of the mountains facing the ocean. We reside on the most western points of Vancouver Island, and our mountains may not be massive but they are home to the temperate rain forests that bless our region. One thing I find out of character presently is the unusual hot and dry weather, this worries me most as it is Wild Fire season, and our govt has already over spent on that budget. Recently we had a Wildfire on Dog Mountain and it was enormous and spreading fast. Our Govt finally acknowledged that it was not so bright to let our Flag Ship of Wildfires sit Idle, and renewed the contract to put the Water Bomber into action for 30 days. I get that, govt takes time on anything, what I do not get is giving away water when it is times such as this , that we recognize its importance beyond the numeration value. BC Govt, Water should not be for sale when it's true value shines in this season. It is our greatest natural resource and a natural defence against Fire!

Facing the Ocean: Not only are we the people of the mountains, but we are people of the people of the mountains facing the ocean, Nuu-chah-nulth-aht. As stated earlier, my peoples are from the wolf clan, and water transforms. It is in water that wolf turns into sea wolf (Orca) the great protector of the ocean. We too must take our part, the power of one is Self control, we only have control over our own actions. Lets work together and save the oceans from pollution of water bottles. Be a sea wolf, be an orca and be a protector of our Ocean.

Wish loves his water!! 
Boycot Nestle: Nestle Waters Canada pays the province just $2.25 for every million litres of water. The total estimated price of all the water Nestle will bottle in B.C. over an entire year is, wait for it, a grand total of $562 a year. Divide the sum of 562 dollars per year by the minimal fee of $2.25 for per million litres of water and you get a ridiculous amount of water, 249.77 million litres, sold for just $562. I know People that pay more water tax annually that the amount that Nestle will pay so it can turn around and make a profit. At times i do not know what I can do Vs a Corporation I do however know one thing for certain, I will not purchase any products of Nestle Waters! 
Save our oceans from pollution of water bottles!! 

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.                                     ~ Jacques Yves Couseau.

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  "Can refer either to the collected myths of a group of people—their body of stories which they tell to explain nature, history and customs." We are all familiar with Greek Mythology Zeus, Hates, Hera, and Mt Olympus etc, etc...What of aboriginal mythology, Is there such a thing? I recently started this discussion with a niece of mine whom is very interested in Mythology! Joey Charles here's to you, enjoy!!

By Wish-key: Rob Dennis Jr

Kiix?in or Kee-shan beach West Coast Vancouver Island
                                                           The First People of Kiix?in

?ap-win-as-ath Welcome figures
   In my tribe The Huu-ay-aht "The Come Back Tribe"our mythology tells us that our origins are in the a spiritual place amongst the stars. The first lady Ho-min-niki of the moon, she is Life giver for it was her swooping down from the moon to make a home in the first village of the Huu-ay-aht people, a place called Kiix-in is chosen. The first man Nach-qo-a of the stars perched high in the sky of night would give up his perch on the stars, for he was in love with Hu-min-iki. He too went to Kiix-in to make a home for he is life taker and brings balance. In order to feed, nourish, house, and make tools, and clothing he had to take life from the land, in order to give life to his family.


         They stand there as they were larger than life,  Presently at the Royal British Colombia Museum, welcoming as they did centuries ago the first people of the Huu-ay-aht Hu-min-niki and Nach-qu-a. Modern day located at the Provincial Capitol Victoria BC, and historically in front of the house Ap-win-as-ath "Center of the Village House" much like the sun is the center of the universe. In the universe of the Huu-ay-ath Kiixin and Tlii-shin of Kiix?in are central in all of our customs. I think that our origins are unique in my region, but not globally we are of the lucky few that's connects all life universally.

Tsa-sook-ta- "Sasquatch"

Sasquatch "The Big Foot"
          The mystery of Sasquatch also goes back to the time of our origins. It was the Sasquatch that once saved Nach-qo-a, even though it was Nach-qo-a that was tracking him, for saving his life Nachqo-a declared that in our part of the world the Sasquatch identity is protected.  Utopia from the world view of the Huu-ay-ath would be to live life like a Sasquatch and leave a minimal Foot Print.

          Their are many peoples from all walks of life that believe in this cross cultural Mythological being. How much longer can this go on? I believe in the ideal way of life. I believe in the ideals that the Sasquatch represents. In the Huu-ay-aht culture of stories, songs, names, and especially art work Sasquatch is very much evident and thriving representation of natural living.  An idea beyond our human limitations but very much a hope for our people is living on mother earth in a holistic manor that seems as though we are physically not here. Can this be done?

Guiding Spirit

The way of the Wolf!
           The guiding spirit of life in my part of the world is the Qwa-ya-seek "the Wolf". The first people from the cosmos were guided here by the wolf. Tracked trough the night sky as they run through the heavens,  imagine a sandy beach in which wolves have run across, it looks just like the milky way.

          In Huu-ay-aht we believe that the stars are light, they are life.  Where there is life their is the companion to life, and that is spirit. We believe in the wolf for its nurturing nature its pack life similar to the ancient family packs of ancient Huu-ay-aht. Territory largely food driven, for to maintain and support a large family their must be an abundance of food.Where there are sun stars there is life, the wolves remind us constantly to watch the sky of night. Be one with the universe around us that is the way of the Wolf!

Cosmic medicine wheel

The Four Great Spirits!
          The four great spirits: The chief of the Lands ruled over natural elements connected to our lands. The Sky Chief ruled over air, birds, winds, and fixtures that are physically in the relm of above. The Horizon Chief is also above but more spiritual , and the Ocean Water Chief! Just like our natural environment, our great spirits are also in quarters. Directions, Seasons and Grandparents, and Great Spirits are the power of four. Depicted here in a cosmic medicine wheel.

The Huu-ay-aht way is dependent on being one with the universe. We are night sky watchers, with entire houses devout to tracking the stars and heavenly bodies. Looking to stars reminds us that we are both very big and very small, looking to the stars reminds us of our cosmic origins and our guiding spirit.  To be connected with our environment and the cycle of life we must remember that everything is indeed connected and one. Do we really come from the stars? Not very likely, but one thing I like most of Huu-ay-aht mythology is the concept that we are one with the universe.  We need only to look at a modern day Periodic table to find that everything in the universe that is from our universe is basically different compilations of the same elements.  So the myth here is looked at from a different perspective is not that far of from what our Mythology tells us. Everything is one and connected.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Capturing The Spirit of Sasquatch!


                          C̓a c̓uqḥ ta (Tsa-tsooke-ta)

             More commonly known as Sasquatch, Yeti, or even Big Foot. Is own far and wide, but rarely seen.  One of the most powerful things we Nučaan̓ułʔatḥ “People of the mountains Facing the Ocean” on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, believe in is something we call č̓iḥaamis (Chi-haa-miss), A Sacred Spirit power.  A power that derives from C̓ac̓uqḥta the sasquatch and the spirit walker. 


This is Kle-sue and this is her story, it is her quest to Capture the Spirit Of Sasquatch. She often thought it silly at first. Often wondering, Can I really capture a Sasquatch? Or maybe you’re wondering why she would ask herself such a question at all!. It all began with a dream. A dream her father had of her before she was even born. A story she thought, just a story, turns out to be something more,  something much more.
          His dream was for his daughter to capture a sasquatch. He would often repeat this dream of his while Kle-sue was growing. Reminding her he wanted her traditional name to be after sasquatch. In his dream she captured a sasquatch, the first person to capture one. Kle-sue is very much different than her father she liked the idea of Capturing The Spirit Of Sasquatch, as opposed to a capture itself. She embracing the idea for it is the life a C̓ac̓uqḥta that intrigues her. They leave behind only a beautiful footprint, no waste no structures to her the spirit of sasquatch is freedom and a deep connection to the lands we live and depend on.
          In many cultures through ought  the world dreams are a powerful thing, We the Nučaan̓uł believe that our dream state is considerably more elevated than our natural physical state. Called p̓uwic̓a (poo-wit- tsa) and translates to “seeing pictures or glimpses of the spirit world”. The Nučaan̓ułʔatḥ have long been connected to messages, stories, and even songs that are gifts of the spirit world, gifts given in dream state. All dreams are held in high regard but none more so that dreams during pregnancy.
              Spiritually speaking, it is in the womb where we have our most spiritual strength. For that is the first journey, A journey taken to become a part of the natural world. The Nučaan̓ułʔatḥ word for Pregnancy is łiciit  (lthit-seat), and is closely linked to our word for spirit which is łimaqsti (lthi-mak-ste). Pregnancy is a gift of life, and one of the strengths of spirit is continuous growth. Dreams born of the spirit, are true glimpses into the spirit world, and desires of the heart before the development of natural limits.

 Realizing it is much more than a dream, Kle-sue decides to chase her dream. Like any quest it begins with learning. Learning about the habitat, hunting or foraging grounds, fresh water, and just about anywhere one may think to find such a being  . C̓ac̓uqḥta is not found easily, hides so well, that he is seemingly unseen. She decides to catch one is to be like one, think like one, and yes even live like one. That is her secret in Capturing The Spirit of Sasquatch!     
C̓ac̓uqḥta Is so in tune with nature he is seemingly super natural, and has the ability to appear and reappear in places that symbolize harmony. Has the ability to completely blend in an natural environment. The west coast is full of temperate rain forests and the rivers, forests and proximity to the ocean provides prime foraging spots all along the west coast. British Columbia the fore most western province in Canada, as well as the western states Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California provide some of the best terrain for  C̓ac̓uqḥta to thrive.   
 C̓ac̓uqḥta Is so in tune with nature he is seemingly super natural, and has the ability to appear and reappear in places that symbolize harmony. Has the ability to completely blend in an natural environment. The west coast is full of temperate rain forests and the rivers, forests and proximity to the ocean provides prime foraging spots all along the west coast. British Columbia the fore most western province in Canada, as well as the western states Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California provide some of the best terrain for  C̓ac̓uqḥta to thrive.
          It is on her quest of life she wonders if she has forgotten where she is from? Having been to so many different places, and spending so much time away from home. Does she even know who she is anymore. Will she ever really know who she is. It was in Clear Water Washington State when she first heard the screams, and Clear Water when she was brought back to her story. Her story carried by the sasquatch scream brings her back in time through her memories. 
Little does she know that she has been taught Che-ha-miss. One way into the spirit world is by mastering the scream. Hearing one teaches the first steps in spirit walking. Bringing them back where they are most comfortable with, and that is memories. When Kle-sue heard the scream of C̓ac̓uqḥta she was fortunate enough to have had her sister Kles-ik with her. The challenge they now have is to learn to that scream! Spirit Walk to learn to scream like a C̓ac̓uqḥta. “To Capture The Spirit Of Sasquatch” you must learn the scream and find and share your true inner spirit. Not many are blessed with the path so clear to “Spirit Walk” it is up to us as it has always been, to be in tune to nature, be in tune with yourself for that is the true path to                      "Capturing The Spirit Of Sasquatch!! "
By: Wish-key
Rob Dennis Jr

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Storm watcher Speaks. A fictional tale looking through the lens of: The Nučaan̓uł perspective.

N̓aasiismisʔuksup: Stella Peters

Story by: wišqii Rob Dennis Jr, Dedicated to N̓aasiismisʔuksup Stella Peters, A ḥakuum woman of royalty also a friend, a sister, a mentor, an inspiration and a woman warrior fiercely intent on defending our right to not only survive, but to thrive in a world full of beauty, bounty, life and Love for generations to come. She is “Carries day on the beach woman” she sees and cares for all that the sunlight touches. Knowing full well our rights are also responsibilities if we take from our world, we must also give back to our world!

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Wiiqḥsi, weʔin, našuk wiiqḥsi hinaayiłʔi. neeʔii čiƛ weʔin neeʔii čiƛ t̓ic̓qaaʕaƛma weʔin. nac̓aačiƛ weʕin, nac̓aačiƛ ƛiiƛiiḥa. wik̓iit tuḥuk weʔin, wik̓iit tuḥuk wiiqḥsiʔi. hamuupšiƛ, weʔin hamuupšiƛ nananiqsu. ʕumac̓uk weʔin nananiqsu, hupiist̓ałʔaała, ʔiisaakst̓ałʔaała, ḥaḥuupst̓alʔaala, ʔuuʔaalukst̓ałʔaała.     
Translation: A storm, It is said, a strong storm in the horizon. hear it, it is said, hear the thunder. See it, it is said see the lightning. Fear not it is said, fear not, the storm. Remember it is said, remember the grandparents. It is said the grandparents say always help each other, always respect each other, always teach each other, always take care of each other.

          The storm is the thunderous rumble of the ancestors and the lightning is the talking stick striking the ground, proclaiming, hear me now. During a big storm in ancient times it would bring together the whole house hold. Everyone sat in their place and listened to the storm. Listened for the lightning strikes.They come from the horizon they are the echo of the ancestral teachings. The horizon the place of no time. Past, present and future are one and the same.

Imagine if you will a fire lit long house, filled with people and a little smoke to. all you can hear is silence and the crackling fire, gusts of stormy winds enter once in awhile you feel the air in the room moving all around. Best of all is the growing sent of salmon cooking on the fire. Finally the speaker has spoken by order of the chief were all to listen to the storm, and over dinner we will hear from a storm watcher, storm watchers  are visionaries they are those that are closest to the earth and all the wonders of nature. They study everything, from ancient remains to present ecological systems  and the life cycles with understanding that everything is indeed one and connected. Hišukʔiš c̓awaak!

          In the long house the people feast quietly, for their being nourished completely. The food nourishes the body, the storm watchers lesson nourishes the mind, the feast song nourishes the spirit and the family sitting in unity nourishes the emotional well being. This is the balance to the raging storm of mother nature. For our greatest strength is when the family stands in unity like the wolf our pack is stronger together. 


 Storm watcher speaks, the message was loud and clear for she had a vision, she heard the message in the storm rolling in. As thought the ancestors came from tomorrow, for the Horizon is the place of all time Past, Present and Future. She said beware the black cloud, not a cloud in the sky, but a cloud that is everywhere. She then explains it is not natural storm. Said to be something different, this black cloud will not go away, it will stick to the water, beach and anyone or anything that comes into contact with it. 

          The wise ones speculate, what could this black cloud be? possibly an oil spill of some kind, or a never ending storm, the discussion continues back and forth, storm watcher says it may be the cloud of guilt. We must do right by our ancestral teachings. she reminds us of everything, everything our ancestors said that we should value. The lands we live on, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the nourishing sunlight, the lunar cycle, all the living creatures, our families, our neighbors,  Unity, and most importantly the future generations.

          c̓awaak̓i našuk: “The power of one” is in one’s own actions, self control. I nor anyone else can tell you what to do, Only you can decide your own actions.  If and when you get a chance to use your voice, use YOUR voice think of the big picture, think of tomorrow think of the world and love all that we are connected to…

ḥišukʔiš c̓awaak Everything is one and connected.


Wolf pack: Stronger Together! 



ḥuḥ, nisma, č̓aʔak 





Natural storm aftermath! what will an UnNatural storm aftermath look like?

ƛiniiḥak and ƛaqaʔas

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Everything is One and Connected

                                      Hišukʔišc̓awaak: Everything is One and Connected:

Imagine if you will a beautiful summer day, a long dustyroad, a river bank, evergreens, a clear blue sky and eagles, eagles everywhere.Sometimes nature inspires so much that it will transform metaphysically intoour very being, our emotions, our life lessons and even our spirit. This is onesuch story!

My story begins thirty years ago, the summer of 1983 I had just turned eleven, and on one of my many journeys to the homelands we had asurprise of a life time. There were eagles, eagles everywhere, and If there everwas an awe inspiring time, an defining moment in my life I would have to saythis was defiantly one of them.

My story actually begins before I was even born in the time of my father’s childhood, and that was a very different time on the west coast of Vancouver Island. McMillan/Blodell was a forestry giant an Icon in the logging industry. Sadly their forest practices had much to be desired, and were based out of greed. They logging company pillaged the old growth forests for all that they were worth. Causing devastation in their wake with unsustainable practices, where they would clear cut entire estuaries without a second thought.

It was those unsustainable practices that proved beyond a shadow of doubt, an ancient belief of my people, the Nuu-chah-nulth, and the principle of hišukʔiš c̓awaak “Everything is one and connected”. For theclear cut practices of the ̣1950s left devastation in the form of river damage.So much so that salmon did not return to spawn at that river for decades. No salmon, no food means no predators for salmon is a staple food for all life forms. It also meant that there were no eagles in my homelands

That’s what made that faithful day so defining, I think, apart of my father’s passion and admiration for the eagle was born out of its absence. For decades they did not go home, my father a born fisherman knew the significance of this great bird of prey, and its role in our environment. There was nothing we could do but wait, and the wait was over. The eagles returned,the salmon returned, the spawning season had returned, and that is a great sign of life for all living creatures on the west coast

So back to my story we drive a long gravel road destination Bamfield, and portions of that road run alongside the river bank. My father filled with joy and excitement says to me “Look son, look at the eagles, eagles are everywhere” he was so happy. We stopped and it was impossible to count exactly how many there were, but there were dozens of eagles. They were everywhere, Circling high in the sky, perched in the evergreens, and at the river bank for spawning season is a great sign of life for all living things.

My father sang, and he sang he was so inspired by the bountyof life, that I could see that his spirit was thriving with hope. The return of the Eagle it was that moment that I witnessed transformation, and his spirit bonded with the eagle. That became his spirit power,and every time I sing this song I do so with great pride and fond memories of that faithful day. I had never before witness a song come to life before my very eyes It was something I believe I needed to see at that point of my life.Songs are inherent and before that day I thought they came from a long, longtime ago. I now know that songs are of the spirit and if you are open to songs they are open to you.

Aside from the spiritual awakening my grandfather sat me down for this was a teachable moment if there ever was one. He said look around grandson and tell me everything you see. I tell my him I seethe same thing we all see eagles, the eagles are everywhere. The eagles at the river, I see them in the trees and circling in the sky above and there all eating fish. He says good boy, I will tell you now, what is unseen, they are indeed eating fish, they are feasting, and they not only feed themselves they feed mother nature.

Animals do not all sit at a table together and eat as we humans do, the young and less dominant eagles will go off to eat in seclusion, for survival, for if they do not their dinner will likely be taken by a more dominant eagle. In doing this going off into seclusion to eat, they feed all living things, for the waste of their food is not waste at all. It nurtures the soil, it feeds the trees, and the trees feed the world air. everything is one and connected hišukʔišc̓awaak

This is what my father had decided this song will sing a bout, and I love this song, it is now my song, and that’s how this event transformed into my very being, into my heart and into my spirit for I do love to sing and this song will live on. Songs are spiritual and live well beyond our physical life, they are just as our rights and responsibilities are, they are INHEIRANT. Remember the rights we have are also responsibilities, and remember hišukʔišc̓awaak, Everything is one and connected.

The words in this song are no coincidence the song says:
ḥayu qumł c̓ixʷatin “There are many eagles” (Implied at the river bank)
ḥayu qumł mataas c̓ixʷatin “many eagles perched in the tree”
ḥayu qumł citqʷaa c̓ixʷatin “Many eagles circling in the sky”