Friday, July 17, 2015

Water, The cycle of Life!

Transpiration Water is everywhere! 
Water, The cycle of Life: Hello there! I am Wish~Key, and I come from The House by the River, The Wolf Clan, and The People of the Mountains Facing the Ocean, I am Aboriginal Canadian!! It is safe to say that water means a great deal to me. I depend on water for life, for drinking, for cooking, for cleaning, for washing, and for all it's wondrous uses. Not only that, but water also is a reflection of spiritual health and growth. In time of growth it is I being consumed by the water and not me consuming it. Which is a fancy way of saying "bathe spiritually" and I also abstain from drinking water at this time for I immerse  myself into the spirit of growth, and my only wish is nourishing my spirit. The river house people see that water is connected to spiritual growth, just as it is connected to growth in the natural world! What a fine example of the cycle of life in action, to see this first hand one needs only to look at a river and its surroundings.

Ancient dwellings along a river bank! 
House by the River: In my own language "Tsa-a-kwat" and it translates to "The House by the River", and it is my families house name.  Our greatest gift is and always has been fresh water! I am taught to believe that it is not only my right and privilege to have clean, clear drinking water. It is also a responsibility, in respecting water, by knowing the the importance of fresh drinking water. I know and respect the importance of drinking water sources. Following my teachings and take time to abstain from drinking water. Now I wish to share a modern way in respecting water. I do not live right by the river anymore but I address this by drinking the water most readily available to me that is tap water . I am not a consumer sold buy bottled water. The fresh sources of water we do have need to be kept clean in order to keep producing clean, clear drinking water. Nature demands purity.

Keep fresh water, Fresh! 
The Wolves Clan and Rivers: Nature is nurtured by water. Coming from the house by the river, and the wolf clan. I know that life flourishes around rivers. Trees, plants, weeds, berry bushes, grow and create a home for crawlers, six legged, eight legged, rodents,  even giant ungulates to feast on the riches surrounding the river. Right atop the food chain are the predators Wolves, Cougars and Bears and we know that those are key species in our environment. Where wolves thrive, nature thrives as well, and it is no coincidence that water is the one thing that attracts all life. Humans too are top of this food chain, lets take it upon ourselves to only produce waste that nature can recycle. Keep our waters clean. For it is the water cycle that surrounds us all no mater where we live we are surrounded by water. Based on my ancient teachings it is the wolves that transform into orca and that shows the connection that our west coast rivers, peoples, and wolves all have to the ocean.

Water Bomber Sits Idle in a smoke filled sky! 
People of the Mountains: In my own language we are "Nuu-chah-nulth-aht" We live right on the edge, we truly are people of the mountains facing the ocean. We reside on the most western points of Vancouver Island, and our mountains may not be massive but they are home to the temperate rain forests that bless our region. One thing I find out of character presently is the unusual hot and dry weather, this worries me most as it is Wild Fire season, and our govt has already over spent on that budget. Recently we had a Wildfire on Dog Mountain and it was enormous and spreading fast. Our Govt finally acknowledged that it was not so bright to let our Flag Ship of Wildfires sit Idle, and renewed the contract to put the Water Bomber into action for 30 days. I get that, govt takes time on anything, what I do not get is giving away water when it is times such as this , that we recognize its importance beyond the numeration value. BC Govt, Water should not be for sale when it's true value shines in this season. It is our greatest natural resource and a natural defence against Fire!

Facing the Ocean: Not only are we the people of the mountains, but we are people of the people of the mountains facing the ocean, Nuu-chah-nulth-aht. As stated earlier, my peoples are from the wolf clan, and water transforms. It is in water that wolf turns into sea wolf (Orca) the great protector of the ocean. We too must take our part, the power of one is Self control, we only have control over our own actions. Lets work together and save the oceans from pollution of water bottles. Be a sea wolf, be an orca and be a protector of our Ocean.

Wish loves his water!! 
Boycot Nestle: Nestle Waters Canada pays the province just $2.25 for every million litres of water. The total estimated price of all the water Nestle will bottle in B.C. over an entire year is, wait for it, a grand total of $562 a year. Divide the sum of 562 dollars per year by the minimal fee of $2.25 for per million litres of water and you get a ridiculous amount of water, 249.77 million litres, sold for just $562. I know People that pay more water tax annually that the amount that Nestle will pay so it can turn around and make a profit. At times i do not know what I can do Vs a Corporation I do however know one thing for certain, I will not purchase any products of Nestle Waters! 
Save our oceans from pollution of water bottles!! 

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.                                     ~ Jacques Yves Couseau.

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