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How Far Has Canada Progressed Socially: Race Equality in Canada.

     Canadians all across this great land of ours take pride in the fact that Canada is indeed a multi-cultural country with superb race relations. It ranks the highest in meeting the basic needs of its citizens. that is according to The Social Progress Index, which rates a Country's delivery on Social Progress.  I will go through some key topics, that address some of the most basic needs of a human beings, I do however wonder why Aboriginal Canadians live in third world conditions, in a first world country? In addition I would ask the question, as a society how can we improve Race Relations in Canada? More specifically between Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and Canadians, I say a great place to start is through education and understanding.

Canada got a over all rating of 94.89% which placed 7th World Wide in: 
The Social Progress Imperative.
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Water and Sanitization: Canada got a 99.23.
     This is what I believe the most basic and fundamental need of any individual no mater race or ethnic background. To further that no mater if you are a Aboriginal, or an Immigrant to Canada, any immigrant whether you have been here for four days or over four hundreds years, it remains a basic need to people to have clean water. One problem, a chronic one, I might add is the cleanliness of water on Canada's Reserve system. Is it up to par, and where these studies inclusive of Canada's Reserve system? I think not. Now onto Sanitization I believe that it is connected to water for a reason, and how are Aboriginal Canadians expected to sanitize when the water to begin with is tarnished? It makes sanitization difficult when Boil Water Advisory's are a constant. I am From Beautiful British Columbia, the place in Canada that has the greatest access to clean water of all the provinces. Does this reflect when I visit a reserve in BC? It does not reflect that at all, Water is often dirty and there are cases where the poor quality water has affected one's physical health and well being. You cannot be expected to clean anything including yourself, your belonging's, your home when your water is not sanitary. We can address this by pushing for governments, the Federal Government, because they set the standards and regulations that provide these basic necessities on a Canadian Reserve.

Nutrition and Medical Care: Canada got a 99.05%
     I believe one difficulty in both nutrition and medical care in Canada's Reserve system, it its design to separate the Aboriginals from the rest of society. This was accomplished by putting the Aboriginals onto a Reserve, a remote Reserve I might add. This makes access to nutrition and medical care quite difficult. Initially placed on the Reserve for our own benefit, to have access to the medicinal plants, foods and resources that we depended upon. This did not account for the national shift and dependance on westernized foods and medicine. Slowly but surly the aboriginal rights have diminished whether by legislation or by colonized choice. You separate an Aboriginal from his/her natural teachings and connection to land all that we have left is taught to us by society in general. Lastly on this topic I believe that health care is also viewed differently if your Aboriginal or Non-aboriginal, Aboriginals have some coverage on health care which usually results in a prescription of an older and lesser used form of medication. The levels of care are not on par with what is readily available to Canadians, And I for one hope to see this change.

Personal Safety: Canada got a 91.66% 
     When I think of personal safety I think of safety equality, and does Canada Have that? I say Not by a long shot, When you have a specific race and or gender of peoples where it is acceptable to target, that is not safe in any means. I am referring to the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Of Canada, sadly one can simply search any number of web searches to see some very sad results i.e.; Robert Pickton serial Killer; MMIW will also turn up some horrific results as well. I cannot fathom the basis for this other that the fact that Aboriginals are not considered human, somehow aboriginals have a lesser value and it is acceptable to treat Aboriginal Canadians in any form. Even in the highest of Political offices in our country, our very own PM said an Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, "Is not high on their Radar" ~ Steven Harper.  Fortunately for our country this guy was voted out, but does that reflect a Canadian Political view on the matter? Time will only tell.  This is my sole argument on the personal safety, Until there is an Inquiry, I will fear that there is no safety for Aboriginal Women anywhere in Canada.

Shelter: Canada got an 89.61% 
      Shelter at one point was Canada's Highest stat, and no other country could compare to the housing In Canada. That time however was a long, long time ago, now if you look at the state of housing and in particular the housing conditions on a Canadian Indian Reserve the results are disturbing. IN a modern town or City, you have homes built to code, with sidewalks, Insurance, access to clean water and other services. On a reserve you have none of that not even a side walk, a street light or road signs. Imagine walking around, as many aboriginals do, would you feel comfortable walking around a place where the only road accessory on side is a year speed bump. Would you feel comfortable in a house that is not built to code, not by choice, rather by misfortune. For contractors that do this building on reserve housing are very much aware of the lack of code. So the primary interest on the part of the contractor is to get the most bang for the least buck. No code means no housing inspector to watch over his every move. Usually results in homes of a much lesser quality, homes a Canadian would think its absurd to try and sell in a real home owners market. It would have to be torn down and re-build, but on a reserve what you get is what you get.  

Bloggers Final Words On The Matter: 
          In closing I want to be grateful for the Social Progress Imperative, Even though it seems as though I am attempting to discredit their Study, I am not. I simply wishing to look at Aboriginal Canadians in the exact same light as Canadians. I also ask as that you excuse my inconsistency in terminology when referring to Aboriginal Canadians, I say Aboriginal, also Indigenous, and even Indian. Not because I Identify as an Indian It is still very much a part of Canada's belief system. Aboriginal day is just that Aboriginal day but in the Registry of Status Indians, the same group of peoples, I might add i am considered an Indian. In writing this I say that all I really want is for Aboriginal Canadians be held in the same regard as Canadians. We are all people in a Settled colony which basically means that you are equally stuck with me as I am with you. So let us improve relations for the benefit of all Canadians, and all peoples that call Canada their home or visit our great country. All My Relations Wish~Key

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